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When you make use of PayPorter Services (sending or receiving money) you share personal data. It is our duty to care about your privacy and handle the data you provided to us carefully. If you have any questions about how PayPorter is handling your personal information, do not hesitate to contact us via phone +31 10 312 50 00 or mail We provide you information about how PayPorter collects, uses, protects and shares your personal information below.

Personal data is any information that describes you. This may include your name, address, occupation, income etc.

Processing is anything that can be done with your personal data. This may include the collection, storage, use, transfer and removal of data.

We process personal data if we have, want to have, or have had a business relationship with you, or if we have had contact with you. This includes all persons who are willing to make use of our services, visit our website or use our application.

Information that allows an individual to be identified
PayPorter receives and processes your data to meet international requirements regarding money transfers and payments. It is about information with which a person can be identified. This includes, name, address, e-mail address, phone number, date of birth, gender, citizenship, occupation, ID-documents number(s), national identification numbers and a copy of an identification document.

Information relating to PayPorter services & legal obligations
When sending funds, we ask information about the receiver, your relationship with the receiver, why you are sending funds (reason of transaction) and about the source of funds. This kind of information is asked for prevention of money laundering and terrorism financing. This information is for your and our protection.

Some of the personal information is shared with our business partners or PayPorter Agents to help us provide services to you and protect you from becoming a victim of fraud. Personal information may also be shared for legal reporting commitments and other legal obligations we have. We are required to provide specific data to regulators as part of the anti-money laundering, counter terrorism financing and fraud prevention laws and/or regulations.

Recorded calls, documentation of e-mails, video surveillance and physical access
This includes the conversations we have with you via phone calls or communication applications (f.e. WhatsApp), e-mails you send to us and which we have received from you. Contact forms you have used from our website. Camera images that are taken on our premises. We may use the recorded call, camera images, e-mails, messages received from various applications to combat fraud, to fulfil legal obligations, to provide proof, improve our services and for training purposes.

Technical usage
Cookies, IP address and data relating to the device on which you use our online services or our website. This information enables us to improve our website, combat fraud, and for marketing purposes.

PayPorter collects your personal information in several ways:

  • When you provide information through our order forms or interact with PayPorter Agents and business partners;
  • When you want to send or receive money and provide several information to our PayPorter Agents and business partners;
  • We received your data from business partners or from other financial institutions in the context of combating fraud, money laundering or terrorism;
  • While you access our website, application, make use of online forms, call us, e-mail us, or when you make use of different communication applications;
  • Public sources like newspapers, public registers, and websites; or
  • Through the advertisements of PayPorter places on third party websites.

The different kind of personal data that are processed is described above. The purposes why we are using data and the legal basis is as follows:

Enter into a business relationship with you and provide our services to you
When you want to make use of our services and want to become a client, we have to identify and verify our customers before entering into a business relation. Based on our legal obligation, we will make a photocopy of your proof of identity. In addition, when becoming our client, we screen your name against relevant international sanctions lists and PayPorter’s internal warning lists.

To all our customers we carry out a risk-assessment and determine whether we can accept you as a client. Also, during our business relation, we monitor whether we can still accept you as our client. This is done based on your transaction data.

Perform and process money transfers and payout services
Based on your instructions we process money transfers. The money transfer is executed based on the information you provide us. For money transfer we transfer your data to our business partners and might also share this information with other regulatory bodies, reporting obligating agencies, and if needed with PayPorter Agents.

Legal obligation & Compliance purposes
We process personal data for the purpose of preventing fraud, theft, money laundering and terrorist financing, and for preventing illegitimate or prohibited use of our services or other illegal or wrongful activity. We must comply with legislation designed to combat fraud, crime and terrorism such as the Wet ter voorkoming van witwassen en financieren van terrorisme (Dutch Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing (Prevention) Act). We perform customer due diligence, or we analyze transaction data to identify any unusual transaction. In case an unusual transaction is notified, we are obligated to notify the competent agency.

To develop and improve our products and services
We may use your data to improve our products and services. We can do this with different data such as, your visit to our locations, website, and/or applications. In order to do so, we use cookies and comparable technology. By analyzing the data, we can see how you use our products and services. We may ask you for your consent to process your data for the purpose of developing and improving our products and services. You can always withdraw your consent by contacting PayPorter.

Promotional and marketing purposes
We may use your data for promotional and marketing purposes. We use the data we have obtained from you, such as money transfer transaction data, visit to our locations, website and application, as well as, the sources available for advertisements we placed on third parties’ websites. We use the data to inform you about a product or service that might be of interest to you.

We analyze our client’s information for benchmarking purposes. If we use your data for these analyses, we will ensure that your data are pseudonymized to the greatest possible extent and that they are made only available to employees on a need-to-know basis.

If you do not want us to use your data for the purpose of direct marketing or contact you by post, e-mail or telephone, you can contact us.

PayPorter keeps your data as long as that is required by law or to fulfil the purposes for which we collected the data or the purposes for which data are reused. Based on our internal procedures and in the Netherlands, we keep your data for five years, unless there is a legal obligation to preserve the data longer.

Right of access to and rectification of personal data
You may ask PayPorter whether we process data relating to you, and if so, which data this concerns. We are able to provide you access to the data processed by us that related to you. If you believe your personal data has been processed incorrectly or incompletely, you may request that we change or recertificate your data.

Right to be forgotten
You have the right to ask us to erase data related with you that we have recorded. Please note that we are obligated to keep certain data based on law obligations.

Right to data portability (only applicable if GDPR applies)
You have the right to request that we provide you data, that you have provided to PayPorter with your consent, in a structured, machine-readable format, or that we transfer such data to another party. If you ask us to transfer data directly to another party, we can do this only if this is technically feasible.

Right to object for advertisement and marketing purposes
You have the right to request that we not use your data for marketing purposes. We might contact you via phone, e-mail, or (news)letter. You can decide which contacting methods you want, or that you do not want to be contacted at all. If you make such request, we will respond as soon as possible after we received your request.

We transfer your information to our business partner or PayPorter Agents who facilitate the money transfer transaction or specific service you have requested. We may also disclose your personal information, as required or permitted by applicable laws and regulations, to regulatory and financial authorities, law enforcement bodies, government agencies, to meet compliance and legal obligations.

Yes, our Privacy Statement may change from time to time. Updated Privacy Statements will be posted on our website when amendments occur. The most recent version of our Privacy Statement is always made available online.

If you have any questions concerning the processing of personal data, or if you have any complaints or suggestions, you can contact us via phone +31 (10) 312 50 00 or e-mail

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